We believe that wealth is about more than just numbers. It’s about more than just making money last a lifetime. It is about enabling a meaningful life for you and your family, today and tomorrow and beyond your lifetime.

Your wealth choices enable that.
Our expertise brings it to life.


It all starts with understanding your story and planning for the beautiful ending you want. It’s an ongoing conversation where we become the strategic financial partner for your life journey. Our knowledge and expertise are at your disposal so that your strategy is always relevant to your life and dreams, and is successfully implemented. Even if you experience unexpected challenges, we remain part of your story. We are here to help you think about your wealth and life, make meaningful choices, and stay the course with your strategy.


We want you to live a meaningful life. We want you to spend your money, time and energy to facilitate that life. To enable that, we are not only exceptionally skilled and experienced in financial planning and wealth management, we are also skilled in meaningful conversations. It starts by listening, more than talking. We will not advise before we fully understand. In fact, our advice may not be necessary, if we help you decide what is best for you.

You will know us, you will know who to phone when the unexpected happens or when it’s time to implement the strategy for the expected. Because Foundation is also about creating a great place to work, our team loves working here, they love the work they do and they stay. You will not speak to a new person every year.

You are busy and working towards your own dreams. We are here to apply our extensive expertise, knowledge, and up-to-date insights so that you don’t have to spend your time, money and energy. We will make your life easy by doing what is necessary on your behalf and applying world-class technology to implement, track and monitor your financial plan.

We own this business. We will continue to ensure that we position it to give independent, world-class advice for you. We don’t receive commissions. We don’t earn fees on transactions. Our clients pay us, no one else. We’re on your side, looking at the world through your lens, finding solutions and answers for you.

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