Sunél's Blog | The problem with urgency

Sunél Veldtman, | 12 November 2021

In strategic financial planning, urgency is inappropriate. Proper planning requires time and consideration. When we are considering the implications of your decisions over the next decade or even the rest of your life, we should not force that process into the next few hours, days or even weeks.

We may miss crucial steps or leave out important information because of a self-imposed deadline. We may introduce unconstructive anxiety. Planning for an uncertain future is anxiety-provoking enough without the interference of urgency!

But we have become addicted to urgency.

Too often, it seems that people cannot give the important things, like financial planning, the time it needs in the absence of urgency. So they conjure up urgency as a motivation to do the important. It then hinders proper attention to the important.

However, when you have invested your unhurried time, thoughts and energy, you will have given yourself the opportunity to deal with the urgent when it comes. Because your planning would have been well thought through and crafted to cope with any urgency that arises. 

If you don’t take the time to properly plan your finances, it will, when a crisis arises, be too late. It will become urgent and riddled with anxiety. And the opportunity to consider options carefully will have been lost.

But if you have given yourself the time to focus on the important without the interference of urgency, you will have set yourself up to deal with the truly urgent.

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//12 November 2021