Sunél's Blog | Sometimes we need to silent

Sunél Veldtman, | 02 September 2022


I wrote a different blog for this week. It was in my outbox, ready to go. But something nagged.  Bothered me. The point I was trying to make did not quite hit the mark.  There was a risk of being misunderstood and then of my point being lost.

I asked my daughter to read it. She agreed with my intuition and advised me to mull over it for a while.

Sometimes, it is better to wait.

Perhaps the right words will come eventually. Perhaps they are best left unsaid. Perhaps the space will be filled with even better thoughts.

Perhaps this week, you need to make space to sit with your own thoughts and words. Even no thoughts or no words. Just to sit.

I am sending you a silent, still space.

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Kind regards,