Sunél's Blog | Discernment

Sunél Veldtman, | 18 November 2022


It’s an old-fashioned word, which means the ability to judge well. It’s more than intuition or insight. I define it as the ability to follow a process toward uncovering trustworthy and relevant information - and to help you arrive at a good decision for your own life.

The baseline for discernment is truth. We should actively search for it in the relentless and confusing flow of information we process daily.  On a personal level, we’d do well to become conscious of our own thinking patterns and recognise our own biases in sifting information. 

At the very least, we should constantly ask ourselves, “Is this true?”. 

But, discernment is more than truth. It’s also about what to do with the truth relative to your situation. It’s about asking yourself whether this is important and relevant for your life now, and then deciding on the appropriate action.

Discernment helps us not to be tossed about in our thoughts, alarmed, or disquieted by the news. It grows into our own internal judgment decision tree. With practise, it becomes quiet, steady wisdom.

Ps. I'm taking a break from blogging for a few weeks. I will return soon. 

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