Sunél's Blog | A different kind of resolution

Sunél Veldtman, | 20 January 2023

At the start of the new year, we see the usual advice on setting and maintaining resolutions.

After the last 3 years, setting resolutions for another year is challenging. And it’s not just because we are recovering from the pandemic. It’s also that stability is slowly crumbling, like ancient structures being eroded by wind.

In most of the world’s largest and supposedly stable countries, there has been an erosion of the assurance that comes with stability. The pictures of a mob of Trump supporters, refreshed during the hearings last year, are still hard to believe. As was the almost surreal/comical hiring and firing of a UK prime minister in record time.

It is no wonder that the prevailing advice is to keep resolutions small. 

Many of us are also facing personal upheaval. Factor in the unsettled global environment and keeping resolutions small and few are, more than ever, a good idea. Even neuroscience supports this idea; studies show that when we attempt too much at once our efforts are likely to be unsuccessful, even in the best environment.

Some of you may not feel daunted at all. Go for it. Set your sails into the prevailing winds.

However, a quick gauge in my circle revealed that many are struggling with energy for the year ahead. If we want to live authentically, it means acknowledging how much is going on for people - our families, our clients, and our wider circle, all of whom are affected by and because of the environment.

As said, making resolutions feels daunting.

In our business, we have decided to go back to basics. No grand growth plans. No sweeping changes. Just doing the basics excellently.

I realise that this is a resolution. It’s a resolve to reserve energy for excellence in what is already working. It’s a resolution to build energy by creating space for what gives joy. Perhaps it’s making time for relaxed conversations with our existing clients. Perhaps it’s deeper research for that project on our to-do list. Perhaps it’s the luxury of time to double-check for accuracy. Perhaps it’s time to process personal upheaval.

We’re not closing shop or even turning away from growth. We just resolve not to chase it at the cost of doing the basics well.

I’m curious to see the outcome of our resolution. I suspect it may be as hard to implement as a resolution for growth or change. We are so programmed to chase expansion and more. I expect a year of unlearning to drive me forward.

I look forward to a year of gratitude for what we already have. A year of back-to-basics.

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