Sunél's Blog | Intentions and new beginnings

Sunél Veldtman, | 17 February 2023

This month Foundation Family Wealth celebrates our 11th birthday. Regular readers will know the story of how this business started with two laptops, a regulatory license, and a dream. We walked into a shared office space where two empty desks were waiting for us. We had a blank canvas to bring our dream to life and all these years later, there is an established business, with a team occupying a building, servicing our growing client base of families with the same dream.

This week we walked into our first permanent office in Cape Town. I felt a sense of déjà vu. Again, two empty desks waited for us in a shared office space, a new blank canvas to expand our dream into the Cape region.

For the last three years since relocating to Cape Town, I have been working from home. Partly enforced by the pandemic lockdown and partly because I was finding my feet in a new city.

But now it’s time to get out, to go somewhere every morning. It’s time to draw on the energy of people. It’s time to put signage up and state our intentions. We are here and open for business.

Intentions matter. They steer our energy in subtle, often subconscious ways. They go before us to alert others of what we want to create or happen.

We are excited to help even more people create their desired life with their wealth.

From where I sit in the leafy southern suburbs, I can catch glimpses of the Mountain through the trees. It’s an inspiring space here, nestled under the cloud that spills over Table Mountain. We are surrounded by an energetic and friendly community. And we look forward to meeting you and other new faces here.

If you are in the area, let us know. There is, of course, excellent coffee! 

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