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Sunél's Blog | Waiting for the Bluebird
Sunél Veldtman, | 27 January 2023

Bluebirds are a sign that good luck is waiting.

In stark contrast to the symbolism of the bluebird, a black swan is an unknowable and unpredictable event with exceptionally negative consequences.

A lot of energy is spent trying to predict and prepare for the next black swan in the world of money. However, in reality, bluebirds are far more common than black swans. 

Sunél's Blog | A different kind of resolution
Sunél Veldtman, | 20 January 2023

At the start of the new year, we see the usual advice on setting and maintaining resolutions.

After the last 3 years, setting resolutions for another year is challenging. And it’s not just because we are recovering from the pandemic. It’s also that stability is slowly crumbling, like ancient structures being eroded by wind. Making resolutions feels daunting.

Sunél's Blog | How will you start 2023?
Sunél Veldtman, | 09 December 2022

Reflecting on this year, tumultuous comes to mind. I’m sure I do not have to remind you of everything that happened this year. There is always change, but 2022 really tested our limits.

Sunél's Blog | Discernment
Sunél Veldtman, | 18 November 2022

What is discernment? It’s an old-fashioned word, which means the ability to judge well. It’s more than intuition or insight. 

Sunel's Blog | Debunking the passive income myth
11 November 2022

There is no scenario where return comes with scant attention, time, or energy.

Sunél's Blog | The greatest danger to your portfolio
Sunél Veldtman, | 04 November 2022

Our children fear their future because of our actions, and now our inaction. Our failure to change our behaviour fast enough to stop the existential threat will cost our children a secure future.