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Sunél's Blog | How the recent past misleads us
Sunél Veldtman, | 19 July 2024

It’s easy to see why investors have moved towards less risky assets: the most recent returns. The rationale, it seems, is that it has not paid to take risks in South African investments over the last few years. But is this a move in the wrong direction?

Sunél's Blog | Why we should lose focus
Sunél Veldtman, | 12 July 2024

Sunel discusses how to refuel ones ideas tank when it is running dry (or when you just need an extra boost of energy). New ideas come from switching off, “unfocussing”, which allows our brains to tie together concepts in novel and interesting ways. Today, we often conflate this unfocused mode with distraction, seldomn allowing our brains to enter this vital mode, which is not only necessary for creativity but also for productivity. 

Sunél's Blog | A squash and a squeeze
Sunél Veldtman, | 14 June 2024

As part of the sandwich generation: people in their mid life who are simultaneously responsible for caring for their own children and their ageing parents, Sunel recognises that many of her clients are similarly straining themselves financially and emotionally during this phase of their lives. Sunel reminds us that talking about the challenges we face with others can help us to find solutions, which lighten loads that feel too heavy to carry alone. It is also essential to take care of ourselves, in order to continue taking good care of others. 

Sunél's Blog | How do you wait in uncertainty
Sunél Veldtman, | 07 June 2024

Waiting is not something that fits with our human design and need for certainty.  It’s important that we recognise our own coping mechanisms because dealing with uncertainty and waiting is one of the most important skills for the future when uncertainty will double down to test us.

Sunél's Blog | Rather than wait, create
Sunél Veldtman, | 31 May 2024

The recent economic uptick may be a sign that South Africans are moving forward despite the political messiness. All around us there are examples of individuals and businesses who have harnessed creativity and innovation to create better lives for themselves in spite of their circumstances. Sunél’s key message is one of encouragement: to make the conscious choice and effort to create and live our own good life.

Sunél's Blog | What I wish I had known
Sunél Veldtman, | 24 May 2024

What I would want my daughter to know is that there is no perfect way. I’d like her to believe in herself, to trust herself, and to have faith that whatever happens, she has the resources and resilience to make it work.