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Sunél's Blog | How the recent past misleads us
Sunél Veldtman, | 19 July 2024

It’s easy to see why investors have moved towards less risky assets: the most recent returns. The rationale, it seems, is that it has not paid to take risks in South African investments over the last few years. But is this a move in the wrong direction?

Sunél's Blog | Why we should lose focus
Sunél Veldtman, | 12 July 2024

Sunel discusses how to refuel ones ideas tank when it is running dry (or when you just need an extra boost of energy). New ideas come from switching off, “unfocussing”, which allows our brains to tie together concepts in novel and interesting ways. Today, we often conflate this unfocused mode with distraction, seldomn allowing our brains to enter this vital mode, which is not only necessary for creativity but also for productivity. 

Sunél's Blog | A squash and a squeeze
Sunél Veldtman, | 14 June 2024

As part of the sandwich generation: people in their mid life who are simultaneously responsible for caring for their own children and their ageing parents, Sunel recognises that many of her clients are similarly straining themselves financially and emotionally during this phase of their lives. Sunel reminds us that talking about the challenges we face with others can help us to find solutions, which lighten loads that feel too heavy to carry alone. It is also essential to take care of ourselves, in order to continue taking good care of others. 

Sunél's Blog | How do you wait in uncertainty
Sunél Veldtman, | 07 June 2024

Waiting is not something that fits with our human design and need for certainty.  It’s important that we recognise our own coping mechanisms because dealing with uncertainty and waiting is one of the most important skills for the future when uncertainty will double down to test us.

Sunél's Blog | Rather than wait, create
Sunél Veldtman, | 31 May 2024

The recent economic uptick may be a sign that South Africans are moving forward despite the political messiness. All around us there are examples of individuals and businesses who have harnessed creativity and innovation to create better lives for themselves in spite of their circumstances. Sunél’s key message is one of encouragement: to make the conscious choice and effort to create and live our own good life.

Sunél's Blog | What I wish I had known
Sunél Veldtman, | 24 May 2024

What I would want my daughter to know is that there is no perfect way. I’d like her to believe in herself, to trust herself, and to have faith that whatever happens, she has the resources and resilience to make it work. 

Sunél's Blog | It's not you
Sunél Veldtman, | 17 May 2024

Many of us are struggling to keep up with and navigate the chaos of the post-pandemic world. You are not alone in feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. Leaning into the unknown, embracing diversity, flexibility and empathy can protect more than just our portfolios. 

Sunél's Blog | What role does luck play in planning
Sunél Veldtman, | 10 May 2024

Luck plays a role in the financial outcomes of individuals. Your base case financial plan should never hinge on only one asset, one should always diversify against the impact of luck.

Sunél's Blog | Planning for meaningful transitions
Sunél Veldtman, | 03 May 2024

It is not unusual for people in midlife to rethink their lives. In my experience, it has become the norm rather than the exception. There are many reasons for this phenomenon. Few people last in corporate beyond fifty due to the high (and often unreasonable) demands. While some can afford to retire, others need to reinvent themselves and do something else for another decade or two.

Sunél's Blog | What matters most
Sunél Veldtman, | 26 April 2024

Investments are the easy stuff. Although there is a lot of skill involved in good portfolio construction. As regulations change constantly and present us with ever more disorientating and bewildering arrays of product offerings available to clients; Sunel believes that the most value she can add is by helping clients focus on what they can control. Helping clients navigate  sometimes painful life choices, which can ultimately affects their portfolios. 

Sunél's Blog | Conducting wealth: the art of orchestrating your financial life
Sunél Veldtman, | 19 April 2024

The masterful conducting of a beautiful symphony can be likened to the process of holistic financial planning. A good conductor and composer must know enough about music and individual instruments to produce a symphony. Much like a successful financial planner who needs to have the ability to look at client’s affairs holistically, while considering all the distinct aspects of financial planning, which requires complex problem solving skills and a working knowledge of many different financial fields. 

Sunél's Blog | What life is left
Sunél Veldtman, | 12 April 2024

Many push attending to important issues and relationships, such as family, friendships and health, to the end of their lives because they believe they will have more time and money to deal with these matters later. Do not put living meaningful and good lives on hold because of the assumption that there is life ahead of us. 

Don’t bank on a future, before you live fully because that future may not be guaranteed.

Sunél's Blog | What we expect of women
Sunél Veldtman, | 08 March 2024

Despite the evolution of women’s roles in the workforce, they continue to encounter obstacles in attaining financial security, largely because they must balance caregiving duties with their careers, often without sufficient support. It is time to renegotiate women’s contract with society and create a more equitable environment where men and women share caregiving duties and have equal access to financial security.

Sunél's Blog | Feeling secure is not about a number….or is it
Sunél Veldtman, | 01 March 2024

Sure many financial decisions should induce a certain level of anxiety as they involve risk-taking, but with sound financial habits and advice, it is not necessary to persistently feel insecure about your money and your financial choices. Feeling secure requires a lot emotional labour to identify and uproot the roots of our feelings. 

Sunél's Blog | Why we should be retiring retirement
Sunél Veldtman, | 23 February 2024

In this week's blog, Sunél highlights the evolving trajectory of retirement in the 21st century. Retirement planning has shifted from the goal of an abrupt fixed age retirement to determining personalised approaches for a more gradual transition out of the workforce. Tailoring retirement plans to individual needs and aspirations is essential for navigating the changing dynamics of work and retirement.

Sunél's Blog | Rands, cents and romance
Sunél Veldtman, | 16 February 2024

Sometimes, it seems that talking about the allocation of financial resources is treason to the idea of romantic love. But, if we do not pay attention to the financial aspect of marriage, over time, resentment can set in.

Sunél's Blog | Sticking to the basics
Sunél Veldtman, | 09 February 2024

Understand what is important to you. This sets out your unique parameters. Then rely on evidence of repeatable performance information to understand how the information fits your parameters. 

Sunél's Blog | It could be a long hot summer
Sunél Veldtman, | 02 February 2024

Protecting our inner landscape translates to taking breaks from the news, deliberately making time for fun and family away from the fear and turmoil. Even further, making time for silence, stillness and solitude – time to retreat to refocus and refresh...and diligently practise graditude. 

Sunél's Blog | Feeling left behind
Sunél Veldtman, | 26 January 2024

You can only feel you’re falling behind when you measure yourself against a preconceived idea of what a path to success looks like. But such a comparison makes us lose sight of our individuality. How can we all follow the same path when we are uniquely shaped by our DNA, gender, race, culture, religion, geography, privilege, and histories?

Sunél's Blog | Why we should have more fun
Sunél Veldtman, | 19 January 2024

Fun helps me keep my energy up for work and other serious aspects of my life. And thankfully, one doesn’t stand in the way of the others – fun helps create a successful life.