The Two-Pot Component System - Here's what you need to know before September

Nokwanda Msimang, | 26 April 2024

Many retirement fund administrators/platforms will be adapting their systems and processes to the requirements of the two-pot component system.  With this change, it is vital to balance this new flexibility with a sound investment strategy.

How to achieve financial fitness

Hayley Walker, | 31 January 2024

Financial fitness goes beyond merely having a stable income. It also encompasses the ability to manage money wisely, make informed financial decisions, and build a secure future. It allows you to feel confident, comfortable and in control – both now and with what life might throw your way in the future.

Planning for Purpose: Finding new meaning in retirement

Michelle le Roux, | 30 October 2023

Finding purpose in retirement is as necessary as it is rewarding. While retirement offers more free time, filling that time with activities that give your life meaning and satisfaction is critical.

What can you do to help you discover how you should direct your time and energy once you retire?

Hidden enemies that will derail your financial plan

Elke Zeki, | 30 October 2023

In financial planning, there are hidden, yet prevalent, enemies that can undermine our financial goals and well-being. You might think these enemies are volatile markets, economic growth, or inflation, but it's actually far more subtle than this. The enemy is, more often us, specifically, the financial behaviours we practice without even realising it. 

How to help your children make career choices

Sunél Veldtman, | 24 July 2023

This may seem obvious, but undergraduate studies are not just to prepare you for a career or to provide you with a means to an end. Undergraduate studies should be the beginning of lifelong learning. Over their lifetimes, current students are likely to need to continue their studies in many fields across many different careers. So rather than think about a first career choice as the ultimate choice, consider it the first of many choices to secure and further your career.

Integrating Health into Financial Planning

Hayley Walker, | 24 July 2023

The odds are, your health will change, sometimes unexpectedly. And if current research is anything to go by, protecting your health is more important than ever – especially as we are likely to live longer than before. 

10 Ways to outsmart cybercrime

Michelle le Roux, | 28 April 2023

Technology has made the world a smaller place. But with enhanced accessibility comes increased risk. 

How can you protect yourself against cybercrime?

Beneficiaries explained...

Hayley Walker, | 28 April 2023

The option to nominate a beneficiary is dependent on the type of investment you choose. Understanding the implications of your decision is central to looking after your loved ones financially.

Topline Quarterly Review: Q1 of 2023

Sunél Veldtman, | 28 April 2023

The first quarter of 2023 kept us on the edge of our seats. Globally, tight monetary conditions are starting to impact the stability of the banking sector. Locally, it was shades of grey. First a grey-listing and then more darkness for the country.

What can we expect for our money this year?

Sunél Veldtman, | 30 January 2023

At the start of every year, forecasters cannot help themselves. Forecasts for inflation rounded to a decimal, appear like clockwork. We should know to ignore them by now. 

However, and somewhat surprisingly, longer-term trend forecasts are often more accurate.

Does sustainable investing add value? 

Hayley Walker, | 30 January 2023

As the world continues to evolve, so should we. And this includes how we invest.

What is sustainable investing, and are you happy with the choices you've made?

Why entrepreneurs should have a holistic financial plan, and not just a tax plan

Sunél Veldtman, Thiart van der Merwe, | 28 October 2022

Holistic financial planning, specific to an entrepreneur’s circumstances, provides better results for a client. Even simple organisation, like having the correct documentation in place, can mean the difference between deriving value from your entrepreneurial effort or not.


How will my inheritance be treated if...

Michelle le Roux, | 27 October 2022

What happens to your inherited assets in the case of a certain event, particularly death or divorce? As with any family law matter, the way you were married sets many of the rules that will apply. 

Clear is kind. Planning for your death.

Elke Zeki, | 27 July 2022

We have written various articles on wills and death before.  Why?  Because, as we have seen over the years, it is complex, especially when winding up estates. It is not enough to draw up a will and take out life cover. 

Estate planning requires thought and careful consideration because every family is unique, and each has its own complexities and challenges to address. 

How to know if endowments are for you

Thiart van der Merwe, | 27 July 2022

An endowment policy is not a one-size fits all approach. It should be carefully considered, taking your specific needs and circumstances into account.

What is an endowment, and does it make sense for your investment portfolio?

Do I really need an offshore will?

Michelle le Roux, | 27 April 2022

Who gets the precious family heirloom, or the offshore investment that you worked so hard to protect and grow? How do you ensure that it ends up where you intended?

Let’s take a deeper dive into this practical element of estate planning, namely having an offshore will.

Why you should think about your work

Sunél Veldtman, | 27 April 2022

In the past financial planning has focussed on helping people protect and save their income or investments. We assumed a steady inflation tracking income in our retirement models and insured against disasters. However, we can no longer assume straight-line careers that will produce steady incomes. We must start to plan for frequent career changes, much longer working years and include discussions about career planning in our financial planning.

Musings | 10-year celebration letter

Sunél Veldtman, | 03 March 2022

10 years ago, Elke and I launched Foundation Family Wealth.  It was a summer morning, and we had two laptops, a license, and a dream. Read more here.

What does it really take to divorce well?

Michelle le Roux, | 24 August 2021

When we enter a marriage, we hopefully know that it will take consistent, hard work to make it work. With the knowledge that sometimes, it just doesn’t. How should you then approach the initial phases of separation, so that you are able to protect your personal and financial well-being?

Inheritance and the guilt that comes with it.

Elke Zeki, | 08 July 2021

Money can only hold as much power as we give it and as humans, we have given it immense power. In such a culture, where our relationship with money influences our self-worth, what happens if you suddenly get gifted a lot of money?

How do I compare my investment returns?

The last year has given us a fascinating case study of how returns can vary over short periods. Let’s delve into the underworld of investment returns so that the next time your friends brag about their superior investment returns, you can challenge with sceptical realism.

How to Rest

Sunél Veldtman, | 15 December 2020

Rest has been a foreign concept to Western society during the past century. Even the use of the word in the English language has shown a steady decline. Until 2020. This year, the word occurred more frequently than at any other time during the last century.

Planning for uncertainty

Elke Zeki, | 28 November 2020

“The biggest risks you face on being retrenched are the short-term survival considerations. What do you need to do to get through the next year? What are the biggest pressure points?”

What’s the story with prescribed assets?

Michelle le Roux, | 08 October 2020

For a while now, we have been reading with great interest about how the government wants to be able to control how our retirement savings are invested. This is usually referred to by its short name, “prescribed assets”, and advocates on either side of the argument have been keeping us glued to...

The truth about divorce

Michelle le Roux, Sunél Veldtman, | 20 September 2020

If your future depends on it, you should know about it. The lockdown has probably challenged most marriages. Some have been broken. Divorce attorneys are already dealing with the fall out as they report up to a 20% rise in divorce applications. The current economic climate will make these divorce...

How do you respond to fear?

Elke Zeki, | 26 May 2020

Money is emotive.  The reason for this is because of what money represents in our lives. It represents status, power, opportunity and limitations.  For most, it represents a life they want to live.  So, when the market goes into the fastest decline in recorded history, it threatens our life goals.

Cutting the budget “chop chop”

Michelle le Roux, Sunél Veldtman, | 26 May 2020

The Great Lockdown is likely to be the biggest disruptor of the upward personal and global trajectory since the Second World War. Most of us have had occasional setbacks but this upheaval will cause economic hardship for many people who have never had much reason to worry about money.

What do I do when my loved one dies?

Michelle le Roux, | 18 February 2020

The worst has happened. Perhaps it came unexpectedly, perhaps it’s been hovering for a while. The shock is the same…you’ve just lost a significant person in your life. Saying goodbye is traumatic. Apart from the emotional distress of the passing, there is the added anxiety of having to make funeral arrangements and handling personal affairs.

A year in review

Sunél Veldtman, | 18 February 2020

“At the beginning of every year, it is my custom to write a review concerning the last year in our business. I like to stand still and reflect on what has happened, but also on what we anticipate and want to happen.”

Top tips to reduce your tax rate

Thiart van der Merwe, | 18 February 2020

“As investors, we often try to limit the taxes paid and look for products and opportunities that are less tax intensive. Although this is a major part of investing, it is not the only thing to consider."

Time to reframe risk

Elke Zeki, | 21 November 2019

Risk is something that can be measured, and we, regardless of understanding the measurements, use it to make investment decisions. The problem is, we think we are concerned about risk, but we are not. Humans are much more concerned about uncertainty!

Prescribed assets: by the numbers

Thiart van der Merwe, | 21 November 2019

Is it still worthwhile to invest in a retirement annuity, pension or provident fund with Prescribed Assets on the cards? Our numbers conclude that the tax benefit outweighs the negatives, even taking a big capital loss into account.

2020 – the next decade. What will it hold?

Sunél Veldtman, | 21 November 2019

Celebration isn’t about our circumstances. We should celebrate the goodness of life while we have breath in our bodies, feet to dance, eyes to see beauty and arms to embrace our people. At the end of the year, take a moment to write down what you’re grateful for.

Move over Gin!

Elke Zeki, | 20 November 2019

“Move the gin over this December and try a tequila and tonic! There are wonderful variations and food pairings you can play with.”

Disruption – opportunity and threat

Sunél Veldtman, | 22 August 2019

What are the disruptive forces at play in the world? The world as we know it, no longer exists.

How do we react to disruption with our money?

Sunél Veldtman, | 22 August 2019

How can we respond to disruption to protect our capital? How to protect your capital against Trump, trade wars or climate change chaos?

How do we protect our wellbeing in disruption?

Sunél Veldtman, | 22 August 2019

‘The first wealth is health,’ is a popular quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson. Whilst we are working, we need health in order to earn, so that we can build capital. We are converting human capital into financial capital. Without health, it is difficult to build capital.

Bring the Tequila

Elke Zeki, | 14 May 2019

“Life will always be uncertain and at some point, you will undoubtedly face hardship. Yet some people manage to deal with adversity much better than others. Some people manage to transform that adversity into success. In talking to clients and people, I have been struck by recurring themes within their stories that have helped them ...

The art of budgeting

Thiart van der Merwe, | 14 May 2019

“We strongly believe in creating Wealth for Life. But, to do the things you want to do during your lifetime you need to have the capacity to do so. Therefore, we believe you need to control your needs and wants and save the rest in order to truly tick the wishes off your bucket list.”

Financial considerations at retrenchment

Michelle le Roux, | 14 May 2019

“Retrenchment is an unfortunate event that can cause a lot of uncertainty and anxiety. With it come many financial and retirement implications.”

Planning for uncertainty

Elke Zeki, | 14 May 2019

“The biggest risks you face on being retrenched are the short-term survival considerations. What do you need to do to get through the next year? What are the biggest pressure points?”

Taking Stock of Another Year

Sunél Veldtman, | 21 February 2019

2018 was a tough year 2018 was one of the toughest years of my career. Not only did we see a decline in global share markets, but safe asset classes did not help portfolios either. Most asset classes declined in unison. But that wasn’t the difficult part – volatility is normal in markets. For our clients, ...

Why so blue?

Elke Zeki, | 21 February 2019

2017 was a dark time for South Africans. We were on the verge of being downgraded to junk status and it was impossible to see our way out of the mess Zuma had left us in. More than a year later, it seems we have made a lot of progress.

How do I know my advisor makes the best decisions for me?

Michelle le Roux, | 18 February 2019

“Qualifications and great track-records go a long way, but what happens behind the scenes – in the mind of the advisor? Specifically, how do we at Foundation Family Wealth make our decisions and how do we decide on what the best advice is?”

Want to Make Drastic Changes to Your Financial Planning Strategy? Read this First.

Sunél Veldtman, | 30 October 2018

“In my three decades of working in investments, I have rarely seen investor confidence as low and pessimism reign as we are seeing now. I suspect that many of our readers are questioning their financial planning strategies. We have identified three critical questions for making drastic changes to your strategy and even your advisor.”

Foreign Investment Allowances

Michelle le Roux, | 30 October 2018

“With the end of the year in sight, it may be a good time to get the administration in order for your tax clearance certificate…”

Should I Accrue Wealth with My Spouse?

Michelle le Roux, | 30 October 2018

“This month we’re focusing on marriages outside of community of property, with the inclusion of the accrual system. This seems simple on paper, but can get technical and confusing.”

Topline Quarterly Review: Q3 of 2018

22 October 2018

“The third quarter of 2018 was a tough one for emerging market economies. South Africa fell into a technical recession as economic growth contracted for the whole of 2018.”

The biggest financial risks in retirement

Elke Zeki, | 27 September 2018

“Planning for retirement can be challenging as there are many unknowns and uncertainties that you need to consider. There are a few financial risks that can have a significant impact on your capital and your ability to draw income comfortably for the rest of your life.”

Treasury withdraws punitive unit trust tax proposal

Thiart van der Merwe, | 27 September 2018

“Treasury partially accepted the submission and the bill has been withdrawn. Government and industry has been given more time to find a solution that may have less of a negative impact on unit holders. These amendments will be considered in the 2019 legislative cycle.”

The finance Series for Millennials: #4 Smart Choice vs Popular Choice when buying a car

Thiart van der Merwe, | 27 September 2018

“Our fourth article focuses on buying a car. This topic is close to my heart as I believe this is the single biggest reason people are indebted for life with no material investments later in life.”

The Glass Half-Empty Syndrome?

Elke Zeki, | 27 August 2018

“We should refrain from getting too negative. This can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. South Africa is not like Zimbabwe. We have an active civil society, free media and a world-class judiciary.”

Proposed Amendments to Tax on Unit Trust Funds

Thiart van der Merwe, | 26 August 2018

“Treasury recently published a draft Taxation Laws Amendment Bill, suggesting changes to the income tax treatment of disposal of assets within a collective investment scheme (CIS) or unit trust fund.”

The Finance Series for Millennials: #3 Debt and what to do with it

Thiart van der Merwe, | 26 August 2018

“Understand that there are various types of debt, some good and some bad. Applying for a bond to purchase a house can be considered good debt. Applying for a credit card because “there are just too many days in this month” – not good debt.”

EXCON and the proceeds of a deceased estate

Michelle le Roux, | 26 August 2018

“…as South Africans emigrate and move to all corners of the world, it’s becoming increasingly important to understand our Excon-legislation for estate planning purposes, and whether a bequest will be subject to exchange control.”

What will I do if my spouse leaves me out of their will?

Michelle le Roux, | 26 July 2018

Sometimes a will doesn’t blatantly contradict our law or good morals, but is still problematic for the testator’s survivors. We are taking a closer look at the Maintenance of Surviving Spouses Act.

What I Wish I Knew About Money…

Sunél Veldtman, | 28 June 2018

-By Sunél Veldtman - I have been pondering what to write ahead of Women’s month. Today we welcomed a niece into the world and little Julia gave me a good reason to write about all the things I want her to know about money (and a little about life). She is too young now, but one day, ...

The Finance Series for Millennials: #2 Property Investments

Thiart van der Merwe, | 28 June 2018

Property has long been considered a safe investment. There is even a Victorian saying about it: “Safe as houses,” supposedly meaning secure, with no risk of failure. In a continuation of his series for millenials, Thiart van der Merwe examines the relative attractiveness of investment properties.

The Finance Series for Millennials: #1 Building your Financial Foundation

Thiart van der Merwe, | 30 May 2018

“In this series of articles, we’re giving you the advice you need on how to set yourself up for financial freedom. Our aim is to give you practical steps each month – action points that you can take immediately. “

Who will look after my child’s inheritance?

Michelle le Roux, | 30 May 2018

“…of all the different aspects of our lives and estate planning, anything that relates to our minor children demands particular care. Be very clear with your bequests in your will.”

What’s the Hype about Section 12J investments?

Elke Zeki, | 30 May 2018

We’ve had a few questions from clients on section 12J investments and whether it’s something that should be considered. Some advisors and tax consultants seem to be selling this as the next best thing.

Who gets Grandma’s ring?

Michelle le Roux, | 26 April 2018

“For those with massive estates, the implications of not having a will can be disastrous. But even the poorest of poor own a trinket or two, so let’s take a look at how an estate is dissolved without a will.”

Make Sure You Have a Valid Will

Michelle le Roux, | 29 March 2018

“Sticking to the formalities doesn’t automatically mean that your will is valid. In addition, you must also comply with common law and the stipulations of your will must be practically enforceable. But first let’s make a giant stride to understand a few definitions and get the basics right.”

The Three Biggest Lies by the Passive Industry

Thiart van der Merwe, Sunél Veldtman, | 29 March 2018

“Very few investors have the time, knowledge or skill to invest their own money. To suggest that investors can merely go straight to a passive product provider, select the correct product for their needs and live happily ever after, is ignoring reality. Even when investors have the skill, they most often lack time.”

When to retire from your retirement fund

Elke Zeki, | 05 March 2018

Deciding when and how to retire from your retirement products can be complicated. It should not necessarily determine when and how you retire.

When is a spouse a legal spouse?

Michelle le Roux, | 05 March 2018

This month we are recapping what we know about the different types of marriages and marital regimes in our country. It’s first and foremost important to understand the legal definition of a spouse, because it has various legal implications – in particular on an individual’s estate.

How Our Identity Shapes Retirement Plans

Sunél Veldtman, | 30 January 2018

-By Sunél Veldtman - In our Encore years – the new term used for those in later life, which is anyone after fifty and now includes me – we are faced with new challenges. For the corporate professional it could be looming forced-retirement or even unexpected retrenchment. For the entrepreneur, it could be the sale of your business ...

Don’t Make These Mistakes When Planning for Your Retirement

Elke Zeki, | 30 January 2018

-By Elke Zeki - Over the years we’ve often come across the same issues affecting retirement when dealing with new clients. These common mistakes are not always obvious. Unless you run the numbers and do proper cash flow analysis, it’s not easy to see how your choices will impact your retirement. We hope that these practical examples of ...

2017 and the case for a low return environment

Thiart van der Merwe, | 07 December 2017

-By Thiart van Der Merwe - A prolonged, low-growth environment and no real returns from our market were the main talking points as we entered 2017. With constant negative press on corruption and a deteriorating political landscape, one can understand the inclination to be pessimistic. Up to the midway point the pessimists were right. The stock market surprised ...

The REAL value of a financial advisor

Elke Zeki, | 30 October 2017

-By Elke Zeki - Many people believe that financial advisors add significant value by fund & product choice, asset allocation and budgeting. What concerns us is that research shows (and has for a long time) that there are algorithms that can do this much better than any human being can. Yet advisors are slow to embrace this ...

The secret to happiness in retirement

Elke Zeki, | 30 October 2017

-By Elke Zeki - Planning for retirement is one of the most interesting aspects of financial planning. Despite our vastly different circumstances and financial situations, we generally have the same underlying goal: to retire happily and in good health. The desire for happiness and health is not just exclusive to retirees though. In our later years these things ...

Bitcoin: The good, the bad & the ugly

Thiart van der Merwe, | 04 October 2017

-By Thiart van der Merwe - Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are a hot topic at the moment. Everyone wants to know whether they should invest in Bitcoin. It is not surprising given that $100 invested 18 months ago, would be worth $1000 now. This kind of growth attracts attention. What is Bitcoin and what is the fuss ...

The Cost Of Old Age Care

Michelle le Roux, | 27 September 2017

-By Michelle le Roux - It’s fun to be young and have big dreams. We leave school and the security of living under dad’s roof; we start working and have a lifetime of salaries and bonuses ahead of us. Retirement is far into the future – after all 40 years is a long way away. But ...

The Good News You’re Missing

Sunél Veldtman, | 08 September 2017

-By Sunél Veldtman - Recently, I have noticed how many conversations about the world lead to a conclusion that the world is a mess. We seem anxious and insecure about the future. If I look at my social media feed, it is no wonder. Bad news abounds. Korea is angling for war. Trump plans to block immigration. ...

What is it with women and money?

Sunél Veldtman, | 29 August 2017

-By Sunél Veldtman - Almost one out of three women believe that men are better at handling financial matters than women are. This is according to The Old Mutual Savings Monitor (2012) – one of the few surveys that have studied the attitudes of South African women towards money. Even worse though, is that 65% of men ...

Behavioural Finance: Investors are their own worst enemies

Elke Zeki, | 29 August 2017

-By Elke Zeki - I heard a great analogy the other day from world-renowned researcher and storyteller, Brene Brown. She explained how often Thought and Behaviour sit in the back while Emotion drives the car. There are few things in life that stir up emotion the way money does. Even experienced investors are at risk of letting ...


Sunél Veldtman, | 28 July 2017

-By Sunél Veldtman - Our first Encore workshop was a huge success given the positive response from attendees. We covered all aspects about planning for the second half of life, including emotional well-being, purpose and health and we took a thorough journey through the financial preparation for retirement. We hope that the workshop contributed to new plans and ...

The New Old – Challenges and joys of longevity

Elke Zeki, | 28 July 2017

-By Elke Zeki - This month we launched our Encore workshop, specifically aimed at people approaching retirement and the challenges the “New Old” face today. There is a distinct phase of life (we argue between 55-70) where many of the old are still young. They are active, relatively healthy, want to work (although flexibly) and spend money. ...

The randomness of returns

Elke Zeki, | 30 June 2017

-By Elke Zeki Financial - planning is not an exact science, nor is it about getting everything right. It is about creating a plan that accounts for uncertainty and allows you to adjust quickly and easily. One such area of uncertainly, especially when planning for retirement, is expected returns. When doing a cash flow analysis, we always assume ...

Encore! Workshop

28 June 2017

YOU ARE INVITED TO ENCORE! If you’re thinking about slowing down, exiting corporate life or retiring, this workshop is for you! This is the new retirement and we’ve called these years – “The Encore Years” because they start long before you finally take your bow. The traditional picture of retirement looked like golf days, beaches and books, ...

Active, Passive or Both?

Elke Zeki, | 31 May 2017

-By Elke Zeki -This debate is on-going and some are very passionate about it. In the South African market, quality active managers have been relatively successful in outperforming equity benchmarks over the long-term. However, recent low returns from the market (and active managers) has brought a renewed interest in passive solutions from investors. Why is this, ...

Cry my Beloved Country

Thiart van der Merwe, Sunél Veldtman, | 31 March 2017

In a cabinet reshuffle that has been on the cards for some time, Zuma has finally pulled the trigger on Finance Minister, Pravin Gordhan and his deputy Mcebisi Jonas. He also changed 18 other positions. Late Thursday night the finance minister was replaced with Home Affairs minister, Melusi Gigaba. The Rand has plunged 7.5% since ...

Ease the pain for those you leave behind. Plan for death.

Sunél Veldtman, | 30 March 2017

Losing a spouse is always traumatic. What can add to the distress even more is the tying up of financial loose ends – especially if the deceased was the one who always handed those affairs.

Words Worth Reading

01 March 2017

A few interesting articles that we have come across this month.

Divorce and money matters

Sunél Veldtman, | 17 February 2017

Too many times I’ve sat across the table from a sobbing woman going through divorce. Divorce is always heart breaking – but divorce involving a woman who has sacrificed her career, her financial power and sometimes her identity is particularly traumatic.

Why should you update your balance sheet every year (and discuss it with your financial planner)

Sunél Veldtman, | 01 February 2017

This can be one of the best financial decisions you make. Make the time, it will be worth it.

Is your Financial Advisor CFP® qualified? Look for the CFP® mark

Elke Zeki, | 01 February 2017

The CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER®/CFP® certification is the premier financial planning accreditation in the world and is recognised in 26 different countries.

Certainty vs. scenarios: All the ways in which we get the future wrong

Sunél Veldtman, | 09 December 2016

What Brexit & Trump and all that erroneous forecasting teaches us about investments and financial advice…

Seven reasons why SA is in a better state than ever

Elke Zeki, | 09 December 2016

As South Africans we tend to look at our glass half empty. We over-exaggerate the bad stuff and gloss over the good. In light of this, we decided to look at seven reasons why we are in a better place as a country than we’ve ever been. So pour yourself a glass half full (at least) ...

US Presidential Election 2016

Thiart van der Merwe, | 10 November 2016

We haven’t paid much attention to US elections in the past…Democrats, Republicans, Bush, Clinton or Obama – there has been a broad acceptance of neo-liberal capitalist policies supported by globalisation. Yesterday, that changed.

Fees and Investments

25 October 2016

For many, investing can be intimidating. We tend to seek out people with more knowledge than we have, to sort out our finances and invest on our behalf. This is perfectly acceptable. But, why is it that people do not know what they pay for this investment advice?

What’s going on with world growth?

12 September 2016

Despite years of unprecedented stimulus from authorities all over the world, the global economy is sluggish. Global growth expectations are continually adjusted downwards and are still well below long-term averages. This year the World Bank adjusted its global growth forecast downwards to 2,4% from 2,9% in January. So, what’s happening with economic growth and why is ...

Unpacking the taxation of trusts

12 September 2016

The taxation of trusts has been a grey area for some time. The proposed changes in legislation was published for comment recently.

Splashing out on a car or investing in your future?

Thiart van der Merwe, | 12 September 2016

Our Wealth Analyst Thiart van der Merwe writes the first article in our series on general financial planning for yuppies. Thiart is passionate about the everyday decisions we make, and how these affect our futures much more than our investment returns.

Robo-Advisors: The financial planners of the future

22 July 2016

There’s much talk about jobs like financial planning and wealth management becoming careers of the past. Futurists like Graeme Condrington are even suggesting that by 2025, these jobs, as we know them will be gone. Replaced by algorithms. Read more

Tax Update: Property REIT Structures

08 April 2016

Since April 2013 most listed property companies converted to internationally recognised REIT structures from property loan stocks and unit trusts. This move brought South African listed property companies in line with global standards which also offered certain tax benefits to the structures. How does this affect the shareholder? Historically income distributions from property shares were primarily declared ...

Budget Review – A Step in the Right Direction

06 April 2016

Minister Pravin Gordhan managed to keep most parties happy with a sound budget that contained fiscal consolidation targets and suggested commitment to growth. While it is a step in the right direction, South Africa still faces a likely downgrade by a least one of the rating agencies by December. Treasury has opted not to increase top ...

The United States, a Declining Power or the “Indispensable Nation”?

03 March 2016

PortfolioMetrix’s Brandon Zietsman wrote an interesting piece on the possible shift of power away from America to the likes of China, and whether you should look at size in isolation or is there more to a power shift than just the production numbers of a country. An interesting read. American exceptionalism has defined the way Americans ...

Significant tax changes finalised in Taxation Laws Amendment Act

27 January 2016

Earlier this month, the Taxation Laws Amendment Act was passed in parliament. The Act included significant retirement reforms. Although these reforms follow years of negotiations, it has still been met with resistance especially by labour unions. What do these reforms mean for high net worth individuals and families? We believe these changes go some way to simplify ... Read more

Capital Gains Tax on Foreign Assets

26 January 2016

As the tax season is upon us and we see an increasing amount of assets being bought offshore we want to shed some light on the Capital Gains Tax implications of these assets.